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Why choose metal for nameplates?07 Feb 19

 Metal nameplates can be used for all kinds of purposes, such as identifying products, machinery and equipment, whilst they can also be used in product packaging or simple designed to highlight your brand and improve recognition. That said, the most popular nameplates are made of metal rather than wood or plastic, but why is this?


What are the benefits of aluminium nameplates30 Aug 18

Steel may be the most well known and widely used metal for many industries, however, when it comes to manufacturing nameplates, there can only be one winner and that’s aluminium. 


2G Products Manufacturer Mimic Panels for Complex Designs19 May 17

2G Products have vast experience in the manufacture of control panels, often also referred to as mimic panels.


Custom Rack Panels Manufacturers21 Apr 17

2G Products has been manufacturing custom rack panels for twenty years or more, so we know a thing or two about design requirements and production. We can provide rack panels, filler panels or blanking panels for a server rack or server cabinet of any size from 1U up to 50U.


Aluminium Fascia Panels – What You Should Know30 Jun 15

Aluminium fascia panels are often tailor-made for a specific device or control system, and 2G Products has created an enormous range of panels or various industries, including large batch orders.


Fascia Control Panels for Easy Operation09 Apr 15

A fascia control panel can complete an electronic device, and 2G products only use high quality scratch resistant aluminium, whilst every panel is expertly machined to the correct size.


CNC Machined Aluminium Fascia Panels09 Mar 15

Our US-020A Anodised Aluminium Fascia Panels are always expertly machined, meaning we can quickly manufacture fascia panels for an extensive range of applications and industries.


Metal Name Plates – Long-lasting Identification06 Feb 15

2G Products manufacture nameplates to our clients' exact requirements, and we're regularly produce durable metal nameplates for identification purposes.


DNV Offshore Container and Portable offshore unit Data Plates06 May 14

There are certain elements of information that a container data plate requires to meet DNV regulations


Rack Panels Customised for your Components19 Dec 13

A rack panel can provide the finishing touch to an electronic system, especially if it’s created with precision to match your system requirements.  


Aluminium Control Panels to Complete your Device25 Nov 13

No machine or system is really complete without aluminium control panels and 2G Products can make sure yours is engineered to last.


Range of Aluminium Panels Available07 Oct 13

2G Products have got the capability to manufacture US-020A anodised aluminium control panels up to a size of 2m x 1m in a range of thicknesses


New Workwear for 2G Products30 Aug 13

2G Products Staff have just completed the design and embroidery of their own work wear.


Benefits of Aluminium Front Panels17 Jul 13

Aluminium is one of many alternative materials that can be used for fascia panels.


New Website Goes Live20 Mar 13

2G Products, the anodised aluminium, name & test plate manufacturer are proud to announce the launch of a fantastic brand new website.