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Rack Panels Customised for your Components19 Dec 13

A rack panel can provide the finishing touch to an electronic system, especially if it’s created with precision to match your system requirements.  

2G Products has been providing front rack panels for a wide range of clients from various backgrounds, and our experienced team are convinced that we can provide the solution for your electronic components; making any switches, lights and screens easy to distinguish and access. 
Whether you require a 1U, 2U, 6U or even a 47U aluminium rack panel, our team will make sure it is custom-designed and custom-made solely for you. We can even incorporate your business logo into your customised panel, whilst the panels we design and create are scratch and solvent resistant. 
Our reliable and knowledgeable team has been specialising in creating custom panels for the past 17 years, and if you require, 2G Products can also modify your current rack chassis components. 
To find out more about our high quality range of products and services contact our team today on 01224 682-682 or alternatively you can email us at