Mimic Panel Supplier

Aluminium Mimic Panels – Scratch and Solvent Proof

2G Products has manufactured a comprehensive range of mimic panels for a wide range of industries, and our highly skilled team can incorporate the smallest details to accurately map out your system, no matter how complicated it is.

Every control panel we create is designed to last, and our in-house manufacturing process includes dying the metal during the anodising process.

This ensures that the print is located beneath the anodised surface, offering a quality scratch and solvent proof finish. Each panel manufactured is accurately C.N.C machined for your electrical components, and you’re always guaranteed a product with a very long lifespan. 

Mimic Panel Manufacturers – Accurate Layouts for Complex Circuits

With a smooth, wipe clean finish, our mimic panels are versatile for a range of industries, including those where cleanliness and hygiene are top priority. Whether you require a panel for an extremely complicated circuit or a panel with various colours, logos and other sharp symbols, we can ensure every element is accurate. We use US-020A Aluminium, which offers a resistance of up to 15 years externally, and you only need to get in touch with our experienced team to get a panel that matches your specific requirements. There are a range of thicknesses to choose between, whilst colour codes, text and lines are always easily recognisable, whether you opt for thin or wide lines. We regularly design panels for fire and gas indication, as well as extinguishant activation and fire water pump control, and our panels offer a clear geographical layout so that individuals can clearly indentify different zones at a quick glance.

Buy Mimic Panels from 2G products

2G Products has been manufacturing mimic, control and rack panels for many years, and you’re always guaranteed reliable and precise products. To find out more about the aluminium we use for our mimic panels, or to speak to a member of our team about your unique requirements, call 2G Products today on 01224 682682. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us via email by filling out our online enquiry form. We can then prepare an informed response and come back to you as soon as possible.