Aluminium Name & Testplates

Aluminium Name & Test Plates

  • All our nameplates, testplates and serial No. plates are manufactured in-house in a range of thicknesses.
  • We actually dye the metal during the anodising process so that the print is under the anodised surface.
  • Nameplates, Testplates and Machine Serial Number Plates
  • Scratch and solvent proof.

A Nameplate identifies or displays product or persons name. Nameplates could be made in different shapes but usually nameplates are shaped as rectangles. Nameplates are usually made of wood, plastic and metal (steel, brass, zinc and aluminium).

Aluminium name plates could be different thickness, colour and size. Also, they can be made with different finishes like etched, printed, anodised and vinyl over-laminated.

Aluminium nameplates are can be used both indoors and outdoors, because they are made for bitter environments and different weather conditions. They are scratch, weather and solvent resistance and they are perfect for industries like aerospace, automotive, industrial and marine.

The content printed on aluminium nameplates is usually text, but some high-quality images like logos and barcodes can be printed.

2G Products has been specialising in the manufacture of name plates for more than two decades. To produce the very best quality, our plates are scratch proof and solvent proof. So how do we do offer such a long lifespan? No matter how complex a control panel is, we skillfully place the print 20 microns below the anodised surface, meaning they’re also scratchproof and solvent resistant too! We have a variety of different aluminium name plates to suit each purpose, so be rest assured that when you liaise with us, we'll be absolutely certain that we can find the ideal solution for you. For all your aluminium name plates requirements, please use the details below to get in touch with us. 


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Nameplates & Testplates

As an experienced UK based front panel manufacturer, we also offer a range of traditional manufacturing methods to make nameplates, decals and stickers in aluminium, 316 stainless steel, traffolyte and plastics and vinyl, focusing on the industrial high durability end of the market.

Here are just a few reasons why you should choose 2G Products as your provider:

  • All our panels are manufactured in-house in a range of thicknesses.
  • Decades of experience
  • Friendly in-house team who will go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.
  • Industrial nameplates and testplates
  • We actually dye the metal during the anodising process so that the print is under the anodised surface.
  • In addition to nameplates and testplates, we can also manufacture you rack panels, mimic panels and fascia panels.
  • They are always scratch and solvent proof.
  • Expertly C.N.C. machined for your components to fit.


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