About 2G Products

About Us

2G Products have been specialising in the manufacture of Front panels, Nameplates and Decals over the past 22 years.

US-020A Anodised aluminium is a specialised in-house  process which we can accurately dye Aluminium sheet beneath the sapphire hard anodised layer for the ultimate in durability when it comes to control fascia panels and aluminium nameplates.

2G Products also provide traditional manufacturing methods to make Nameplates, Decals and stickers as well as control fascia panels in materials such as 316 stainless steel, Traffolyte and plastics and Vinyl, focusing on the industrial high durability end of the market.

Our Products are typically found in harsh environment areas which include:- Dive vessels, shipping containers, aircraft, medical, military and offshore type industries as well as precision electronic applications.