Aluminium Panel & Name Plates Fascia Manufacturers

Aluminium Control Panels, Rack Panel Manufacturer

specialists in sub-surface printed aluminium, printed decals, traffolyte & laminates engraving and Stainless steel nameplates

The professionals at 2G Products are dedicated to excellence in the manufacture of high quality control panel fascias, nameplates and testplates in sub-surface printed aluminium panels.  As well as other industrial type labelling and traffolyte engraving techniques.

We also have various steel products on offer, including stainless steel control panels, plates and tags, while they’re manufactured in-house and cut to size in a range of thicknesses.

Our team also regularly build rack panels and we’ve accumulated many years of experience in modifying our clients’ existing rack chassis and drawer chassis units as well as their components and accessories.

Our proven ability to manufacture anything from one off prototypes up to production quantities of aluminium fascia panels has attracted a diverse customer base. Our products are now being used in various industries such as medical, military, offshore oil and many other environments.


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