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The Importance of Quality Engraving for Traffolyte and Laminate Nameplates05 Apr 23

Laminate is made up of multiple layers to create a strong, robust, stable material. Traffolyte – also known as abet hard laminate, rigid laminate and phenolic laminate – is also formed of various layers, creating a completely rigid material. There are many similarities between the two types of material and often, they are seen as the “go-to” products for engraving. So what should the engraving process look like when working with these materials and why is it important that it’s high quality?

First of all, when engraving nameplates in particular, it’s important that the product is clear and accurate. A nameplate is used to identify or display the name of a person or a product, so clarity is essential. This is even more important when the nameplate will be used for machinery and electrical systems – it needs to be completely clear what it is, allowing it to be used in the correct way. This requires a quality engraving process that delivers a quality product which will do its job effectively.

In addition, safety should always be a key aim of nameplates that are used to label machinery and electrical systems. The nameplate needs to be accurate and a true representation of what the system is and does; inaccuracy or poor engraving technique can have serious consequences. For this reason, a quality, well-managed engraving process is important, locking in accuracy for the sake of safety during use.

Safety is also important during the engraving process itself. Quality control and safety checks must be put in place to achieve this – materials can be flammable and lasers work at high speeds, so they must never be left unattended. Traffolyte and laminate can withstand high temperatures during engraving but this means the equipment used poses various risks if not handled correctly. To ensure quality and avoid accidents, laminate and traffolyte engraving should only be performed by trained, competent people.

During the engraving process, it’s essential to use the right equipment to get the quality you need. Traffolyte in particular is a rigid material and will not flex, so if it is put under too much force it can get damaged, break or chip. If you do not use the correct kind of equipment and care is not taken, the product itself will be damaged.

In summary, quality nameplate engraving is essential for:

  • Clarity
  • Safety
  • Effective use of the final product
  • Protection of materials
  • Accuracy

At 2G Products, our well-established engraving processes and techniques along with our knowledge of nameplates allows us to create the highest quality products to meet all needs. Contact us about nameplate engraving.