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Customising Aluminum panels for businesses and organisations in the UK20 Feb 24

Whether it's a new office building, shop, restaurant or other commercial property, the exterior design makes an important first impression on customers and visitors. Installing customised aluminium panels on the exterior walls or interior spaces of your business is an eye-catching way to showcase your brand personality and stand out from competitors. 

Aluminium panels offer almost unlimited options for customisation, allowing you to get creative and design a truly unique look. Our expert team at 2g Products has fabricated custom panels for businesses across the UK, bringing their visions to life. Here are some of the many possibilities for customising aluminium panels:


Brand Colours and Logos

 Having your brand colours and logo featured prominently on the building exterior through cut-out shapes, digital printing or paint is an excellent form of marketing. Every person that passes by will immediately know whose space it is. We can recreate vector artwork on panelling using CNC routers or apply high-quality digital printing.


Creative Shapes and Patterns

 Why stick with boring square panels when you can install triangular, curved, diamond or circular aluminium panels? Get creative with 3D shapes, lines, waves and other unique patterns. This is especially effective for public spaces like reception areas, lobbies or restaurants to make them more visually exciting.


Background Scenes and Landscapes

Imagine your brand’s story depicted in an eye-catching background mural covering the panels. For a hotel, this could be scenes of local landmarks. For a restaurant, images of food ingredients and preparation. We can digitally print any high resolution image onto the aluminium or use CNC etching techniques.


Texture and Depth

Add dimension to plain flat panels by using bead or groove etching to create depth, patterns and texture on the aluminium. Contrasting brushed and polished finishes can also help panels stand out. Textures make interior spaces more interesting and exterior panels more striking.


Corporate Slogans and Quotes

Incorporate inspirational slogans, positioning statements or quotes as an integral part of the exterior or interior design. For retail stores, emphasising messages like “Established in 1995” or “Serving Our Community” helps communicate brand values. Quotes prompt people to think and reinforce cultures.


Backlighting Effects

For a truly sleek, modern look, install LED backlights behind aluminium panels, illuminating them from behind. This creates an ambient glow and eye-catching visual, especially at night. We can engineer panels to diffuse light evenly across letters, shapes and graphics.


Sustainability Messages

Communicate your business’s sustainability commitments like net zero emissions, water conservation or community support through panel designs. With concerns about climate change, flaunting your values builds customer loyalty.


The possibilities are endless when you start with high quality aluminium and expert fabrication services. Our team brings together cutting edge technology like CNC machining and printing with hand craftsmanship to manufacture panels tailored to your goals. Contact us today to discuss transforming your space with custom aluminium panels that tell your unique brand story.