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Which Material Is Best for a Nameplate?29 Sep 21


Aluminium is the best material for a nameplate in many instances. This is because it is versatile, can make nameplates of different thicknesses, colours and sizes easily, and aluminium nameplates can be etched, printed, anodised and vinyl over-laminated. Aluminium nameplates are also hardy and are scratch, weather and solvent resistant.

The fact that aluminium is such a versatile and durable material means that it is one of the most commonly used in the nameplate industry. It produces excellent results for customers and the finished nameplate can be used in a wide range of environments, both indoors and outdoors. This includes industrial environments where nameplates need to be highly durable without risking damage. Nameplates made from aluminium are perfect for use in harsh surroundings and are often favoured by various industries for use inaerospace, industrial and marine environments. They are usually printed with text and there is also the option for quality images, logos and barcodes to be printed onto them.

There are other materials that can be used very effectively for nameplates, decals and stickers if customers would prefer a different look or finish, or if they will be using the nameplate in a different way. These materials include:

·        Stainless steel. This is a highly durable option and can have many applications, however stainless steel nameplates will be heavier than aluminium which needs to be taken into consideration.

·        Traffolyte. A multi-layered material that is suitable for engraving, Traffolyte allows the creation of nameplates with different coloured elements.

·        Plastics. Plastic can be engraved for use in different environments, including industrial settings. It can be a very long-lasting option.

·        Vinyl.This can be used for nameplates and decals, which can have applications in various industries including aerospace, automotive and industrial.


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