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Custom Rack Panels Manufacturers21 Apr 17

2G Products has been manufacturing custom rack panels for an extensive range of customers across the UK for twenty years or more, so we know a thing or two about design requirements and production. We can provide rack panels, filler panels or blanking panels for a server rack or server cabinet of any size from 1U up to 50U.

Whatever your specific requirements or volume we can provide a solution and ensure that the finished product is fit for purpose. Your specifications may include; integrated text and graphics, business logos or component labels, and 2G Products will always ensure that your rack panel is also scratch and solvent resistant. We have many years’ experience of modifying existing server cabinets, drawer chassis, rack shelf and chassis units and any modifications to pre-built chassis can include extra air holes, additional chassis or further shelves.

The industry standard sized 19 inch rack is most common, but 2G Products can manufacture rack panels and accessories to any bespoke dimensions. Furthermore, we will also ensure that all specifications meet and comply with current EIA standards for server racks concerning fastening, structural support, rails, mounting and cooling.


To find out more about our high-quality range of custom rack panels or other specialist services including; aluminium panels, brass tags, metal name plates and traffolyte labels contact our team today on 01224 682 682 or alternatively you can email us at