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What Are Aluminium Fascia Panels?01 Aug 20


Aluminium fascia panels are professionally manufactured using aluminium sheets, as is also the case with rack panels, and mimic panels. They are used as front panels on industrial machinery and various other devices.


They are CNC machined and fit seamlessly together, creating a smooth, easy-to-clean, and durable surface in the workplace. Aluminium is the top choice for fascia panels because it is easy to shape, available in a range of thicknesses, and can be coloured during the manufacturing process. Here at 2G Products, we maintain a high reputation in the industry for delivering quality panels that fit your business’s needs. Aluminium fascia is available for server racks, branded panelling and for technical diagrams on machinery.


Durable choice

Aluminium fascia panels have a lifespan of around 15 years and perform well in even extreme environments. Aluminium is heat-resistant, anti-corrosive, and easy to maintain over a long period. They won’t easily scratch and are solvent-proof. These types of panels are durable enough to withstand the pressure of intense environments, including high-footfall transport and military applications.


Printed panels

Aluminium fascia panels are often printed and coloured by the manufacturer. This could be anything from logos and text to detailed technical layouts. There are different types of printed panels for various applications and uses.


Mimic panels

Mimic panels are aluminium fascia panels to be placed on machinery, with detailed diagrams printed into the aluminium. This can either be for instructional use or to provide detailed outlines of the system. The uses are applicable across a wide range of industries. The print is applied during the anonidisation process, 20 microns beneath the surface layer. This means the print is scratch-proof and will stay clear even after many years of use. Every mimic panel is CNC machined to fit your exact specifications, to create a protective and useful panel that fits around your machinery.


Rack panels

Aluminium fascia panels also work well for rack panels, server panels, and blanking panels. CNC machined to fit specific server layouts or to fit into generic server racks; aluminium provides good noise-reduction and heat-resistance. There are also few limitations when it comes to colour, meaning logos and business credentials can be printed to match your brand. Small and sharp details remain pinpoint-perfect even after many years, as the surface is scratch-free and performs well under extreme heat.


Aluminium fascia panels from 2G Products

Aluminium fascia panels from 2G Products are manufactured to fit a wide range of industrial devices and control panels, fit to specification, and available with any print. Each panel is high-quality US-020A anodised aluminium and available in a range of thicknesses, up to 2 by 1 metres in size.