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Types of Name Plates12 Aug 22


Whether you're looking for a name plate that adds style to your office decor or simply serves a functional purpose, there's sure to be a type that fits your needs. Below we've detailed some of the most popular types to help you decide.

Anodised Aluminium

Anodised aluminium name plates are popular for indoor and outdoor use thanks to their durability and resistance to weathering and corrosion. They're also lightweight, scratch-proof and solvent resistant. With US-020A anodised aluminium, you're also assured of a high-quality, long-lasting finish because the print is placed below the anodised layer, making it virtually impossible to fade or scratch off.


Stamped name plates are ideal for industrial applications where durability and resistance to harsh conditions are paramount. They're made from tough metals like stainless steel or brass and can be stamped with text, logos or other designs. The look and feel of a stamped name plate tend to be more traditional with a bold, raised appearance.



Engraved name plates provide a more sophisticated look than stamped or anodised aluminium. They're perfect for office doors, reception areas or as desk name plates whilst the engraving can be completed in various fonts and finishes. Engraving fill is a means of filling the engraved areas of your name plate with colour. This can be achieved in a single colour or multiple colours to create a more striking effect. It's often used to make the text more visible or to add contrast to a design.



Many people confuse various plastics with Traffolyte in the world of name plates and signs. Traffolyte is a brand name and refers to a product with multi-layered phenolic plastic sheets ready for engraving. Traffolyte name plates are used in many industrial applications where an extremely tough, durable and long-lasting name plate is required.


Whether you require promotional plates, warning plates to mark heavy-duty equipment or data plates for offshore containers, 2G Products can create the perfect name plate for your needs. We specialise in designing and manufacturing high-quality name plates, signs and labels. We have over 25 years of experience working with a wide range of businesses, both big and small, across various industries.

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