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DNV Offshore Container and Portable offshore unit Data Plates06 May 14

There are certain elements of information that a container data plate requires to meet DNV regulations, which include  the Name of Manufacturer, the Month/Year of Manufacture,  Manufacturers Serial number, Maximum Gross Mass and sling angle, Tare Mass, payload information and of course the DNV certificate number along with an approved DNV Stamp. 

It is crucial that these plates are created using corrosion resistant materials and comply with DNV Standards using either Stainless Steel or Anodised Aluminium where applicable and the team at 2G Products can advise on materials based on which DNV Standard you are working to.

Due to a constant demand of both regular and ad-hoc type container plates, 2G products can provide different templates to choose from and these will ensure that all of the appropriate information is included. There are numerous strict processes involved in the production of DNV offshore container plates, and 2G Products will assist you to ensure each plate is designed to meet regulations and requirements.  
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