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What is Traffolyte Engraving?


Traffolyte was originally a brand name for multi-layered phenolic plastic sheets that were suitable for engraving. The material dates back to the early 1900s when Metropolitan-Vickers Electrical Ltd produced it in Manchester. Nowadays, the term "traffolyte" is broader, applying to the material itself. Traffolyte often consists of up to three layers of opaque coloured plastic sheet, firmly and permanently bonded together as one. Therefore, it's a material that's made to be engraved. Each layer is a different colour; thus, the engraved portion is a different colour to the non-engraved.


The engraving process

If you're looking to create custom name tags, labels, nameplates or signs, traffolyte is one of the most cost-effective solutions. It's available in a wide range of background and text colours, in various thicknesses, yet it's weather-resistant and be fixed using screws or adhesive. With cutting-edge laser engraving technology, it's much faster and more efficient for traffolyte specialists like 2G Products to create high-end labels, signage and tags.

Using a CO2 laser engraving machine streamlines the process of hole cutting and outline cutting — as it's all done in a single stage. The sheer precision of a laser ensures wastage is kept to an absolute minimum. When one layer is engraved away, it reveals another hue, meaning the process of recreating intricate yet vibrant logos and text is much simpler than it seems. Still, the level of precision and quality depends on the engraving machine and the operator's skill.


Key benefits of traffolyte

·         Lightweight

·         Cost-effective

·         Available in a wide range of colours

·         Available in multiple thicknesses

·         Highly resistant to chemicals, acids and solvents

·         Weather-resistant

·         Can be fixed using adhesive, screws or both.

·         Delivers a clean and professional look

·         Exceptional durability


A superb choice for safety signage

Traffolyte has become the go-to option for safety signs and labels for internal and external applications. Depending on the material's quality, it can remain unaffected by UV light, environmental or chemical reactions, and it's a far more affordable option than anodised aluminium. If you require hazard, warning or electrical safety signs for your workplace, 2G Products has a wealth of experience producing traffolyte tags, labels and signs for the harshest environments. You can learn more about our traffolyte engraving service here, where you'll also discover examples of our work. Whether you're seeking 1.6mm traffolyte or 3.2mm, we can guarantee a high-quality finish with resistance to water and oxidation.

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