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Aluminium Fascia Panels – What You Should Know30 Jun 15

Aluminium fascia panels are often tailor-made for a specific device or control system, and 2G Products has created an enormous range of panels or various industries, including large batch orders.

We don’t compromise on quality, and there are a few things you should know about 2G’s manufacturing processes:

We use US-020A Anodised Aluminium, and like most anodised process, these panels have a very long lifespan. Anodising is a reacted finish that’s joined with the underlying aluminium for total bonding, and our control panels are scratch and solvent resistant too. Our custom made panels are available in a range of thicknesses, whilst you’re always guaranteed colour stability, no matter how harsh the environment is.

Our team is equipped to deliver a fast turnaround for high volume orders, as well as one-off aluminium control panels, and we are always on hand for advice or information. We C.N.C our panels so they fit perfectly with your component, and they can be as large as 2 metres by 1 metre in size. If you’re looking for a panel that’s high quality, long-lasting and resilient for harsh environments, get in touch with 2G Products today by calling the number below.