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CNC Machined Aluminium Fascia Panels09 Mar 15

Our US-020A Anodised Aluminium Fascia Panels are always expertly machined, meaning we can quickly manufacture fascia panels for a wide range of applications and industries.

US-020A Anodised Aluminium products are available in various thicknesses. We inject inks into Aluminium during the anodising stages, meaning any text or designs you require will be very resistant to scratches, chemicals and other elements due to them being below the hard as sapphire anodised surface.

All of our US-020A Anodised Aluminium fascia panels are designed to survive in incredibly harsh environments. Our established machining techniques guarantees precise cut-outs, no matter how complex the application is, while we’re equipped to handle large batch orders as well as one-off custom made fascia panels.

Each element in a facia control panel is important, and we can guarantee repeatability and accuracy every time, no matter how complicated your system is.

To learn more about our fascia panels or to place your order, get in touch with 2G Products today 01224 682682.