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Fascia Control Panels for Easy Operation09 Apr 15

Electronic devices can be easy to use if they are completed with a suitable fascia control panel, and 2G products always go the extra mile to make sure customers get the highest quality scratch resistant aluminium fascia panels that are machined specifically to size.

A device can be deemed complete and ready to use when a fascia panel is fitted, and our US-020A Anodised Aluminium control panels can be as large as 2 metres by 1 metre in size , while thicknesses can vary depending on our client’s needs.

Our team have added the finishing touch to a wide range of devices, and we can add any text, graphics or logos to the panel to make it more distinguishable and easy to comprehend, all using our highest quality US-020A Anodised Aluminium.

Our experienced team are constantly able to adapt to different orders, and we can manufacture one off prototypes to large-scale production orders, regularly supplying fascia panels to a wide range of industries and sectors.

To find out more about our US-020A Anodised Aluminium fascia panels, and to get an understanding on what we can offer your systems, get in touch with the team at 2G Products today.