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What material are control panels made of?


Plastic control panels are often used in consumer electronics because they are lighter and less expensive than metals, whilst composite control panels are used in applications where a combination of properties is desired, such as strength, flexibility and heat resistance.

Industrial applications

For this article, we will be taking a closer look at control panels for industrial uses. Aluminium and stainless steel are two of the most common materials, but what are the advantages of each?


For control panels that are durable, scratch-proof, and solvent resistant, US-020A anodised aluminium panels are ideal. The metal is dyed during the anodising stage, therefore, the colour will not fade over time, and the surface is more resistant to chemicals. Aluminium is also much lighter than steel, so it's easier to transport and install.

·          Ability to withstand high temperatures

·          High impact and high tensile strength

·          Resistant to corrosion

·          Lightweight

·          Blocks passage of radio waves (naturally RFI shielded)

·          Built-in flame protection

·          UV resistant (without additives)

·         Does not swell or deform

·          Ability to dye the metal during the anodising stage, so the finish is well protected


Stainless Steel

316S Marine Grade Stainless Steel is a fine choice for durability in the harshest environments, including high and low temperatures. There are various stainless-steel grades, and whilst 316S is known for superior corrosion resistance, 304S is known for general corrosion resistance. You're guaranteed a reliable and long-lasting product with stainless steel control panels.

·          Resistant to corrosions

·          Suitable for high and low temperaturesh

·          Durable

·          Cost-effective

·          Not easily scratched or dented

·          Easy to clean and maintain


As you can see, there are many benefits to using stainless steel and aluminium for your control panel. The metal that's right for your requirements will depend on your application, preferences, and budget. Both materials are versatile, can withstand high and low temperatures, and provide exceptional corrosion resistance.

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